Friday, July 9, 2010

did you really think LeBron was going to the Knicks?

Let's get real people... its all about winning and the Knicks are not there yet and with the signing of Amare Stoudemire there is still work to do and people to see. D'Antoni is not an easy coach either which boggles my mind as to why Amare came here when he knows what he is dealing with coach-wise. Nothing personal, the NBA is a business and that is why players go where they can win and all about the $$$ even if its a bit less, they make alot coming in and young and if they pan out to superstar status, they can then call the shots and its strictly business... nothing personal and the Knicks do not have enough to lure LeBron here. nuf said. Let the 'King' move onto the next Castle even if it is the retired, hot and shallow world of Miami. I love Dwyane though!

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